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Have your storage doors lost their luster? Renew with Everbrite!

When people drive past a row of roll-up doors, they immediately think “Self Storage”.  Your doors are one of the most identifiable features of your facilities.  Faded, dull storage doors, metal buildings and signs are universal problems in the storage industry. Customers like to rent from well maintained facilities. When a facility is well maintained, your customers feel safer and more comfortable renting from you, which gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Renewed Storage Doors

Doors before and after Everbrite renewal


The Everbrite Restoration System “Brings your Doors Back to Life” and protects them.

Everbrite is a clear coating that restores faded metal of any color. Everbrite will restore painted metal to the original color and luster and provides strong sunscreen protection for paint.

RESTORATION – Everbrite will restore your old, faded, dull, chalky doors and metal buildings to look new again and will restore the original color and luster.
PROTECTION – Everbrite’s strong sunscreens and anti-oxidants protect metal from corrosion, oxidation, acid rain, moisture, rust, chalking, salt corrosion, graffiti and more.
LONG LASTING – The original restoration will look great for 5 to 10 years and Everbrite can be refreshed and maintained indefinitely.
FLEXIBLE – Everbrite will expand and contract with metal so it will flex with your roll-up doors – NO peeling – NO chipping – NO cracking – WILL NOT discolor or yellow with age.

Everbrite can be maintained indefinitely. When you first restore your facility, the “new” finish will last from 5 to 10 years depending on the location and amount of sun or salt air. After this time, the Everbrite can be refreshed and maintained indefinitely with very little effort. Your facility will look great and your customers will see a well maintained property. Raising the property value while increasing your customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

We want to help you build value for your customers. Call or email for more information about our products and our Top Operator Program.

Do you have hallway doors that need cleaning?

Water can be dangerous in hallways because if it spills it can go under the panels and get your customer’s belongings wet. You don’t want that liability. The answer is One-Step Waterless Wash and Wax for interior doors, panels, elevator doors and more. Keep your hallways clean and remove scuff marks easily.

You can command higher rental rates, decrease your vacancies, and know that your customers trust you to care for their valuables. Customers notice when the property is updated and they understand that those upgrades cost money, so it enables you to raise your prices because you are building value for your customers, that your competitors are not, which maximizes your investment in your properties.

Customer Responses


I LOVE MY DOORS AT PLACERVILLE SELF STORAGE!  Everbrite made my 20 year old doors look brand new. ~Greg Drennan, Crescendo Properties






I have completed the application of Everbrite at three facilities. Your product is amazing. I have some pictures I am attaching so that you can see what the end results were.The owners were “THRILLED” and amazed at the results.~Jeff Wilder




Everbrite makes a door look brand new. Great stuff.~John Brick, U-Haul Corporation



We left one door unfinished so we could compare and see the improvement – and WOW! Wish we had done this five years ago – our doors were in BAD shape! They are 100% better.  Thanks so much for everything – we are very pleased to have such a great improvement of our property!~Rosanne Clark


We want to help you build value for your customers. Call or email for more information about our products and our Top Operator Program.

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