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Cofey Ltd – The Job Centre

  • Cofey Ltd – The Job Centre


The green metal cladding of the Job Centre in Port Glasgow, Scotland was faded and oxidized. The building is extremely close to the ocean so salt corrosion was a problem for the powder coated metal siding.

Bromoco Systems restored the metal cladding to its original color and luster with Everbrite Protective Coating.  It took 3 weeks to restore the cladding .  One of the main obstacles in cleaning the metal were the seagulls who kept dive bombing the workers.

Bromoco Systems a UK based firm that specializes in contracting services that solve remedial maintenance issues related to today’s damaged architectural metal surfaces. Cleaning, repairing, refurbishing and restoring stained, pitted, and oxidized anodized aluminium, painted aluminium and stainless steel is the foundation of their business.

Their process and coating systems cover all types of finishes including powder coated aluminium. Following a unique cleaning and restoration processeoco, their systems restore old, dull, oxidized, chalked, faded, aged, corroded and U.V. damaged painted aluminium. The process for cleaning, maintaining, restoring and preserving will restore the original paint colour and lustre with Everbrite coatings.