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Jon Hair – Olympic Sculptor

  • Jon Hair – Olympic Sculptor


Jon Hair is a world renowned sculptor who was named Official Sculptor of the US Olympic Team and an Official Sculptor of the Beijing Olympics. Jon has over 30 major public art commissions including “Olympic Strength” – a 35 foot tall monument which has become the icon for the US. Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Jon’s massive bronze piece at Purdue University entitled “The Boilermaker” rises 26 feet as the crowning jewel of the Ross-Abe Stadium. Other public art commissions include the US Air Force Academy and the Academy for Television Art and Sciences for the Emmy’s Hall of Fame.

Jon chooses to use Everbrite Protective Coating to protect his bronze sculptures because it is easier and less expensive to maintain than other coating systems that he has used in the past, such as Incralac®.

Here are some unique benefits of Everbrite’s Coatings with relation to Jon’s projects:

  • Graffiti: Simply wipe off with a solvent, such as xylene. Then reapply Everbrite Coating to the affected area. Everbrite is self-annealing and blends into itself so the repairs are not noticeable.
    *Other coatings, such as Incralac, are cross-linked, so removing graffiti requires sand-blasting to remove, then the object must be re-patinized, and then recoated.
  • Upkeep: Once applied, Everbrite can be maintained over years with a simple solvent cleaning and reapplication right in the field.
    *Other coatings, such as Incralac®, will start to peel after 7 years on average, and the coating must be removed with sand or other abrasives. Then the bronze must be re-patinized and the coating reapplied. This involves a lot of expense to take down the sculpture and send it back to the foundry for the work to be completed.
  • Finish Options: Everbrite is available in a Satin finish so the bronze does not need wax to dull down the shine.  The finish of the coating can be custom mixed.