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Unity Building


The Unity Building stands tall beside the world famous Liver Building on the Liverpool skyline.

The top of this 27 story building is called the “Pod” and is clad with 316 grade stainless steel panels. The stainless steel cladding also extends to the over sized soffits. The building is situated on the bank of the river Mersey about a mile from the Irish Sea.

Being so close to the sea, the stainless steel was corroded and rusted shortly after construction completed in 2007. In 2008 a local UK restoration specialty firm, Bromoco, was brought in to repair the damaged steel and provide a protective finish preventing further damage. They used their extensive knowledge in cleaning, and protecting all types of stainless steel finishes as well as the refurbishment of rusting and pitted stainless steel.  ProtectaClear was used as part of Bromoco’s unique cleaning and restoration system. Use of the proper cleaning products ensures the correct adhesion of ProtectaClear, guaranteeing the longevity of protection of the finished surface against recontamination.  Bromoco has maintained the stainless steel finish of the Pod with ProtectaClear since with no return of rust or corrosion.

ProtectaClear is a crystal clear almost invisible protective coating specially designed for the protection of stainless steel in all environments, both external and internal, providing a hard protective barrier against all contaminants