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Bronze oxidizes, fades and tarnishes. Polished bronze, oil rubbed bronze, and bronze with patina can be protected to seal out oxidation and tarnish, keeping the colors bright.

There are many different bronze alloys, but typically modern bronze is 88% copper and 12% tin. Commercial bronze (90% copper and 10% zinc) and architectural bronze (57% copper, 3% lead, 40% zinc) are more properly regarded as brass alloys because they contain zinc as the main alloying ingredient. They are commonly used in architectural applications.



Bronze doors, bronze artwork, and bronze architectural features like elevators and panels can all be protected with the clear, protective coatings available from Everbrite, Inc.


Bronze plaques, gates, lighting accents, signs, building numbers, and even bath fixtures are also protected from tarnish, oxidation, and fading.


Everbrite coatings provide the following benefits to bronze with every application:

  • Everbrite Coatings will seal and protect bronze to prevent tarnish, oxidation and patina for years.
  • The coatings are self annealing so touch-up or graffiti removal can be done in the field. No need to strip and re-patinize.
  • Everbrite and ProtectaClear have excellent adhesion, even on highly polished bronze
  • Everbrite and ProtectaClear are UV stable and are guaranteed not to yellow or discolor with age or exposure to UV.

Applicable Products

Everbrite coatings are self-annealing so the finish can be repaired or recoated without stripping the original coating.

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Everbrite Protective Coating

Formulated to protect architectural bronze as well as bronze monuments and art. This protective coating has UV blockers and Anti-Oxidants to protect bronze.

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Ideal for bronze that gets high use or is exposed to constant handling. It has Anti-Oxidents but is a thinner, more scratch-resistant coating that is practically invisible, even on highly polished metal with a mirror finish.

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